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"I want a powerful e-commerce website that will increase my sales. Can you do that?"

If it's Magento, we give it a

Big fat Yes.

We only do Magento. We did try dozens of other e-commerce platforms.
Now we are happily married to Magento!

We believe Magento is the best open source e-commerce platform on the market.
Regardless if you are looking just for a few small changes to your existing e-commerce website, or for a brand new website.

If you need design, development, maintenance, training, support debugging or specialized hosting for Magento. We do everything Magento.

Why you need Magento

Your Magento website does not have to be frustrating - not with us.

Magento is a Powerhouse.

Magento is a very powerful e-commerce platform. With this power comes complexity, which in turn can make Magento frustrating to learn & manage.

Powerful Management

Is your Magento website often breaking ?
Did you just got again downtime at the worst possible timing?
Is your Magento website frustrating ?

Surround yourself with the right people. Managing your Magento e-commerce business won’t be a source of frustrations anymore.

Facilitates the Process

Beginners and intermediary developers often fail to properly manage Magento: This can cause terrible headaches and frustrations to business owners, who just wish their e-commerce site could run without all those hurdles.

Gives you that Boost.

A well oiled Magento machine can be an incredible robust, stable, scalable and most of all a very lucrative e-commerce platform: exactly what every I.T Managers, Marketing Directors, and business owners are looking for!


Why Us

Would it be better to hire a firm specialized in Magento development, or to hire a random Web development firm who deals with all kinds of different technologies being (hopefully) proficient …but not really mastering any?

Magento Montreal, we breath, dream and eat Magento development day in day out…every day !

Is your Magento website
broken again?

If so, you are simply working with the wrong people.
Magento is complex and takes years to master.

Our team has already spent those years of learning
to reach mastery, we know Magento inside-out.
Let us take a peek and solve all your Magento problems.

Got Magento Issues?

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