Magento Integrations

Do you wish all your website data would synchronize
automatically with all your other systems?

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    Do you need your product listing, pricing updates, sales orders, inventory stock levels, customer list and other website data to be all up-to-date automatically and in real-time sync with your warehouse, accounting system, ERP, CRM and other business software?

    We can integrate Magento with anything.


    Integration Compatibility

    At MageMontreal, we have expert Magento developers with in-depth experience and knowledge in Magento development and integration.
    From simple extension or plugin integration to advanced custom API builds that come close to artificial intelligence.
    We can provide you with a well-designed Magento extension that can satisfy your custom needs.
    To build best-in-breed products, we leverage a number of other platforms that integrate with our e-commerce platforms. These products allow our merchants to increase internal efficiency and create optimal experiences for their customers.

    Here is a few of the other companies Magento is regularly integrated with:
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    SAP integration

    Connecting your SAP Business with Magento

    Without proper integration between SAP and these systems, organizations fail to fully automate and optimize their business processes.

    Learn some of the most common challenges faced when integrating SAP, a brief overview of SAP interfaces and integration points, and various approaches for SAP integration.
    Learn more about SAP
    Custom API

    We have built our own custom API for Magento, to connect it to various ERPs.

    We can integrate your website with your existing systems, to keep all orders, stock, client lists, order status, etc., in sync, in real time.

    We are allergic to manual data entry. Each time we see a situation where the sales order input on the website is being re-copied manually into the client’s ERP or accounting system, we cringe! Let’s automate that!

    Electronic Data Interchange

    EDI is a standard format for exchanging data between systems. It’s not the only way, but it’s one of the top choices.

    For example, if you want to distribute your inventory from your website to Costco’s website, you will likely use EDI to connect.
    Magento Extensions

    Interested in purchasing our already-made AccPacc Integration Extension?

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