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Using Magento Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies

Boost your sales

    How do I increase sales on my E-commerce site?

    You can gain leverage and sales opportunities using features included in Magento; it is affordable and quick.

    For example, Magento includes Abandoned Cart Recovery features, such as emails and reports, that are often overlooked.
    This is done via several tactics such as:
    • PPC ads
    • SEO

    Providing value to potential customers to attract them to the website, such as:
    • Blog posts
    • A resource sections
    • Freebies and giveaways, sometimes in the forms of white papers, case studies, reports, pdf, or a valuable guide for that target audience
    • Webinars or offline seminars/events (free or not) which people can attend to learn something/improve their life/fix a problem, etc.
    • Social media presence

    This is called "Conversion rate optimization" or "CRO"

    This is done via:

    • A/B testing
    • Abandoned cart recovery
    • Heatmap analysis (where people go, look and click on the site)
    • Traffic loss analysis (where do people leave your site?)
    • Customer browsing sessions video recording and analysis to improve ergonomy and how easily people use the site
    • General improvements of the user experience and how easily the buyer can find what he/she is looking for – this can often mean improving the search module of the website, and improving the filtering of the products and of the search results on the site
    • Building loyalty and a returning habit to existing customers – this can often take the form of building a company/marketing asset such as a newsletter subscribers list.
    Boost sales on your Magento website

    If it's possible with Magento, we can do it.

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