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At MageMontreal, our Magento development team uses state-of-the-art processes and the latest technology to ensure the quality of our work.

Magento Expertise

It is no surprise that Magento is so popular: It is the most widely used e-commerce platform (according to 2015 statistics) in the world with a nearly 30% market share. Serving such a big chunk of the market successfully would be impossible without a massive amount of flexibility.

You can define basically any product feature you like. You can set and manage the attributes without comprising in the admin panel. Basically, you can adjust the entire system to your products.

Ongoing Support

Setting up an e-commerce store is only the beginning. Owing to constantly changing customer requirements and industrial technologies, you will have new development ideas and we, too, will constantly make recommendations so that your online store can reach greater success.

This is why we offer monthly support packages to serve customer needs at various levels. Choose the package that is most appropriate for your expectations and best fits the budget of your enterprise, and we will whyus_ continuous support on a monthly basis to help you reach your goals.


Security is not an option. It is a must in an environment where hackers try to crack databases every minute. We hear news almost every day about data breaches, so in the case of an e-commerce store, it is essential to have a hack-proof system.

The whole system is constantly watched by experts (i.e., ethical hackers) searching for defects and eliminating vulnerability by uploading patches. But don’t worry, you don’t have to hunt down updates all the time. Magento always notifies you when an update is available so you will know about fresh developments right away.


Agile methodology focuses on helping developers work in the most efficient way possible. Our goal is to create the highest possible value for our clients within the given time and resource constraints, without making even the smallest compromise.

We won’t accept a 99%-ready function. Only one that works exactly as you requested makes the grade. Apart from maximizing quality, we are extremely flexible. We really make your objective our objective, and we don’t insist on stubbornly executing our own plans.

We are
Magento Specialists

Among fast-growing, mid-sized and large e-commerce enterprises, Magento is the most popular e-commerce system in the world. Since 2009, Magento has been our life. This is what we eat, drink and inhale.

We always stay on top of changes and developments. We continuously train our teams. Our senior developers have an official international Certified Magento Developer’s Certificate. We are able to resolve any challenge you might raise concerning the development of your e-commerce store.

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