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Abandoned Cart Recovery

Automated Shopping Cart Abandonment Like Never Before

What is abandoned cart recovery?

Abandonment is an e-commerce term used to describe a user visiting a website who leaves that page before completing the desired action. For example, visitors who add items to their online shopping cart, but exit the online store without completing the purchase, leading to abandoned carts.

Common Reasons why a customer would abandon their cart:

  • Just looking and are not ready to buy or unsure of their purchase
  • Problems with shipping
  • Wanted to compare for better prices
  • Decide to buy in-store instead
  • Lack of diversity in payment options
  • Experienced technical issues

How to deal and combat Cart Abandonment?

  • Cart Abandonment Email reminders
  • Improve the Checkout Process
  • Use Relevant and Timely On-site Messaging
  • Form Optimization
  • Shipping, Returns and Payment Options
  • Helping Customers to Research Products

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