Migration to Magento 2

Your e-Commerce business deserves the best upgrade.

Should my Magento site do the upgrade?

Do you currently own a Magento 1 store?
Are you wondering if it's worth it to migrate to Magento 2?
And what's involved?

Why Magento 2 is simply Awesome

It brings a ton of improvements over its predecessor Magento 1.

The speed is better, the architecture is better, the development work is more efficient, the admin interface is much prettier and easier to use for a client.

When it was released at the end of 2015, it had bugs, a ton of them… and back then there were really few plugins, so almost everything had to be a custom job, which was not too great for the early adopters of the platform.

It took a good two years for this new version 2.0 to mature into a stable platform, after 2017 and version 2.2 it’s now a truly great piece of software with pretty much all issues worked out.

It’s now reliable, and there is a huge ecosystem, with a large selection of plugins and themes.

All in all, this new version is a success.

Nevertheless, to make Magento 2 so awesome, the makers of Magento had to break with the past and build the new platform in a very different way which is not compatible with Magento 1.

Therefore a migration from version 1 to version 2 is not a simple button to click.

While some stuff from your old site can often be salvaged,

the project’s scope is more akin to a website revamp… with a discount.

The good news is the data migration (customers, orders, etc) will be migrated in a hassle free and reliable way.

To upgrade or not to upgrade?

If your site is...

  • Still works great, up-to-date
  • if the design still looks great
  • if it works well on mobile
  • it has a great user experience
  • already has the sales volumes and conversion rates you wish for
  • does not have a ton of bugs
  • if you already paid to integrate it with other systems in your business such as your accounting systems or CRM, or ERP and so on.

If things are already going really well, migrating to Magento 2 is rarely a justified business decision.

On the other hand, if your site...

  • Is unreliable
  • Has a lots of bugs
  • Not mobile friendly
  • Has bad customer experience
  • Has bad conversion rates
  • you were already tempted to do a design refresh or a rebranding.

If you were considering to invest more in your Magento 1 site: to automate your business process or connect it to an ERP or CRM or accounting software, such investments in a Magento 1 site, is really not future proof and is questionable from now on.

Then consider upgrading to Magento 2.

Ready for Magento 2? Contact us to get started.

If the above applies to you, it could be a perfect timing for a Magento 2 website revamp.

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