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    Ecommerce Email Strategy and Audit

    Our Ecommerce Email Strategy and Audit is a comprehensive service involving a thorough review of your current email configuration by our expert team. After pinpointing key challenges, we formulate a tailored strategy for effective solutions and desired outcomes.
    Ecommerce Email Template Production

    Seeking impressive conversion rates from your email template? Provide your design files, and we'll transform them into responsive, functional email templates. If you have an idea but no design, we'll craft and code it into a compelling newsletter template. For ongoing needs, outsource email templates from our proficient team, supercharging your campaigns.

    Here's How Our Ecommerce Email Marketing Services Operate:

    Email Opt-In and Popup Forms
    Popup forms are potent for gathering contact details, triggered on entry or exit. Opt-in popups must provide value, like discounts, downloads, apps, boosting subscription rates up to 10%.
    As the saying goes, "out of sight, out of mind." Regular communication is key. We strike a balance with monthly or bimonthly newsletters.
    A/B Testing and Optimization
    As an ecommerce email agency, we aid numerous clients, yet we strive for continual enhancement. Our relentless testing optimizes your emails, experimenting with subject lines, copy, offers, and products.
    Abandoned Cart Emails
    A substantial number of cart abandonments lead to missed sales. Our ecommerce email service employs automation to craft persuasive abandoned cart emails.
    Welcome Email Sequence
    After acquiring email addresses, it's time to engage. We'll create a 5 to 10-part welcome email series spotlighting your brand's facets.
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