SAP Integration

Connecting your SAP Business with Magento

SAP Integration

    How can this integration help my business?

    Without proper integration between SAP and these systems, organizations fail to fully automate and optimize their business processes. Learn some of the most common challenges faced when integrating SAP, a brief overview of SAP interfaces and integration points, and various approaches for SAP integration.

    How it works

    An off-the-shelf standard SAP eCommerce connector for Magento, which contains more than 22 well-documented and configurable interfaces required for an effective B2B eCommerce platform.

    The connector includes:

    Updates for Magento and SAP
    The Magento code and scripts to deal with the 22 data feeds
    The SAP connector (R3/ECC) which connects all feeds to Magento
    The interface which ensures the data is 100% accurately processed
    Expert support for implementation and other issues
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