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A/B Testing

Experiment to make the most out of your sales

What is A/B Testing?

It's an experiment with your customers by creating two (or more) versions of a page and measuring the response thereby resulting in a significant improvement in the conversion rate to achieve your business goals. During this process, you'll also have a clearer understanding of your customer's taste and what needs to be improved or changed.

How does A/B Testing work?

Let's say: Version "A" is your current website, while we build a version "B".

  • Version A is randomly shown to 50% of site visitors and Version B is shown to the other 50%.
  • We let the test run for 1 month.
  • With the new collected data, whichever version yielded better visibility, reduced bounce rate, increased conversion and generated higher revenue, is then declared as the favored version.
  • This version is then pushed to all the 100% of visitors. Now, this becomes the new improved version.
  • The next step is designing a new variant, version C and so forth, which indeed should be better.

What are some important factors to look for when A/B Testing?

  • User interaction & Interface – For improving the conversion rates
  • Images & Graphics
  • Font styles and sizes
  • Appropriate usage of wordings on the product pages
  • Unique and attractive descriptions appropriate for your products
  • Product reviews on the Product detail page
  • User-friendly navigation to help find products at ease
  • Find out what type of Offers and Promotions attract customers
  • Optimizing mobile shopping experience
  • Faciliate the checkout process as much as possible

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