Law 25


Responsible for Personal Information Protection

We have designated a person responsible for Law 25 and personal information protection within our company.
Camille A. Perrin, Vice President of Operations, can be reached at: [email protected]; or at 450-628-0690.


Incident Reporting

We report any incidents concerning the confidentiality of information to the Commission d’accès à l’information, as required by the law. We have implemented a governance and alert escalation process to manage these situations.


Governance and Personal Information Protection

We have established governance for personal information and program development. This includes a governance policy and practice that ensures the protection of personal information. This information is published on our website.


Privacy Policy

We have published on our website and disseminated through appropriate means a privacy policy written in clear and simple terms, easy to access. It is available at the following address:


Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)

Before undertaking any information system project involving the collection, use, communication, retention, or destruction of personal information, we conduct Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs).


Individual Information and Data Collection

We inform individuals of the purposes of data collection, the methods of collection, the right of access and correction, and the right to withdraw their consent on our website. Users of our website can accept or refuse the use of Cookies. All calls made by clients, suppliers, and employees on the company’s telephone system (RingCentral) are recorded, as well as the majority of video conference calls (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc) in all circumstances.


Right to Erasure

We respect the right to erasure, which means that we allow an individual to limit the public dissemination of their personal information under certain conditions.


Maximum Confidentiality

We offer the highest level of confidentiality without the intervention of the concerned individual for our company, which provides the public with a technological product or service with privacy settings.


We are committed to ensuring the protection of your personal information and comply with all applicable legal requirements.