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Services we offer

Complete Magento Website Design & Development

Magento Maintenance & Support Plans

API & Integration of Magento with 3rd party softwares

Technical Up-keeping

  • Magento Debugging
  • Magento Training
  • Magento Version Update
  • Magento Plugin Installations

Presentation & Design

  • Magento Sales Newsletters
  • Prototyping, Wire-Framing, Project Planning
  • Website Content, Design & Layout Updates
  • Graphic Design for Website Banners & Promos

Security & Speed Optimization

  • Magento Audits
  • Magento Security: Prevent & Remove Virus, Hackers & Malware Infections
  • Magento Hosting
  • Magento Loading Speed Optimization

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We provide the services you need when it comes to Magento.

Why Choose Us for your
Magento Expertise

At MageMontreal, our Magento Development team is using the state of the art processes and the latest technology to ensure the quality of our work.

Outstanding Magento Expertise.

It is no surprise that Magento is so popular: it is the most widely used ecommerce platform (according to 2015 statistics) in the world with a nearly 30% market share. Serving such a big chunk of the market successfully would be impossible without a massive amount of flexibility.
You can define basically any product feature you like. You can set and manage the attributes without compromise in the admin panel. Basically, you can adjust the entire system to your products.

Outstanding Ongoing Support.

Setting up an ecommerce store is only the beginning. Owing to constantly changing customer requirements and industrial technologies, you will have new development ideas and we, too, will constantly make recommendations so that your online store can reach greater success. This is why we have worked out our monthly support packages serving customer demands at various levels. You choose the package that is most appropriate for your expectations and best fits the budget of your enterprise, and we will provide continuous support on a monthly basis to help you reach your goals.

We provide Problem-Free Hosting.

Our hosting service specializes in serving ecommerce stores developed within the Magento framework that need a high level of resources. The server requirements of each ecommerce store are managed and set up individually in order to avoid any spanner being thrown in the works. We have a large server park of our own, and we also successfully use the cloud solutions of Amazon Web Services (AWS). So you don’t need to worry about load speed, secure data management or storage.

We understand Entrepreneurship & Business.

Safety is not an option, it is a must in an environment where hackers try to crack databases every minute. We hear news almost every day mentioning data breaches, so in case of an ecommerce store it is essential to have a hack-proof system. The whole system is constantly watched by experts (e.g. ethical hackers) searching for defects and eliminating vulnerability by uploading patches. But don’t worry, you don’t have to hunt down updates all the time. Magento always calls your attention when an update is available so you will know about fresh developments right away.

Agile Methodology.

Agile methodology focuses on working in the most efficient way possible. Our goal is to create the highest possible value for our clients within the given time and resource constraints, without making even the smallest compromise as far as quality is concerned. We don’t accept a 99% ready function, only one that works on the dot as you requested. Apart from maximizing quality, we are extremely flexible. We really make your objective our objective, and we don’t insist on stubbornly executing our own plans.

We are Magento Specialists.

Among fast-increasing middle and large sized ecommerce enterprises, Magento is the most popular ecommerce system in the world. Since 2009, Magento has been our life. This is what we drink, eat, and inhale. We know it from A to Z, and always follow changes and developments. We continuously train our teams to keep them in excellent shape. Our senior developers have an official international Certified Magento Developer’s Certificate, which will not leave you in any doubt that we are able to resolve any challenge you might raise concerning the development of your ecommerce store.

Hear it from our

Satified Clients

Marketing Director - Beauty Sense
Samuel Lapointe

“MageMontreal impressed the client with their services. They were collaborative and provided useful guidance for the client throughout the project. Their workflow was fluid and comprehensive, and their members took on the client’s challenges and worked on them. Overall, the project was a success.”

Director of E-Commerce & Mktg - Melfred
Josh Parker

“MageMontreal has improved the site’s functionality and developed custom solutions. They understand the client’s business well. The responsive team addresses all concerns and takes responsibility for miscommunications. They work quickly and deliver everything on time.”

Marketing Manager - The flag shop
Rebecca Love

“Our revenue went up 85% in one year, thanks to MageMontreal’s work on the e-commerce site. The team communicated seamlessly and provided project updates regularly.”

Owner / President - AS Hanging
Walter Moncade

“We are happy with MageMontreal’s services. The website is updated and improving, and the team handles the engagement well. They’re highly accessible to the client. Overall, the partnership has been successful.”

Marketing Coordinator - Beauty Sense
Krystal Jolkowski

“MageMontreal’s team is always reachable and delivers tasks on time and within budget. Their resources are also friendly and provide good support.”

Marketing Director - Kalia
Marie-Josée Raby

“They are Magento experts who master the platform and offer relevant Magento solutions. We hired them for a Magento update, security patches, extensions adjustments, technical support and to program new personalized pages on the site.”

Co-Founder - Typiqo
Antonio Badalamenti

“We hired MageMontreal to redo our website from scratch (we had an MVP in WordPress). The team is knowledgeable on the Magento platform since they specialize in it.”

Crystal Clear Bags

“One of the great things about having MageMontreal work with us on our new website was not only that it made it a lot more user friendly, but that also in-house, it completely changed the way that we process our orders in an exponential way. ”

Web Director - Reitmans
François Le Boulaire

“I first hired MageMontreal for a complex development project for Reitmans, and since I have hired them for many more mandates. I recommend them, get in touch with them you will be glad you did.”

Web Coordinator -
Richard Slowik

“Not only are they knowledgeable and courteous, but offer alternate and creative solutions you might not have thought of …MageMontreal offers a dependable and solid team.”

Marketing Manager - Mobilis Performa
Dominique Massé

“Delivered on time and on budget …More than a web service provider, we now have a web partner & adviser.”

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