Beauty Sense is an online provider of professional beauty & cosmetic products.  They are 100% Canadian-owned and operated and are currently based out of beautiful Montreal in ‘La Belle Province’.

The Problem

  • Website loading time was too slow
  • Website was poorly structured
  • Many bugs from previous custom development
  • Malware
  • Hosting problems/downtime
  • Raising maintenance cost due to website being poorly built, would often break
  • Client lost confidence in the website: its reliability, its solidity and its viability in the long term

The Solution

After several emergency fixes and many rounds of maintenance of the old site, the owners decided to cut their losses in the old site and do a full revamp in a solid architecture.

The Final Result

A beautiful, robust website respecting all the best practices.

Solid architecture foundation, loads quickly with no downtime – crucial for e-commerce websites.

Screenshot of independent 3rd party speed test, courtesy of Pingdom Tools

Loading Time

New site Loading Under 2.0 Seconds!

Old site's loading time: 6.2s
New loading time: 1.61s

Fully Responsive

Compatible with most devices & screen resolutions

Promotional Banners

Full-width & Responsive banners designed for Beauty Sense


Eye-catching newsletter designs with Mailchimp integration

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