Stone Tile


Old website, low engagement


User-friendly UX\UI, increased traffic



Stonetile is a richly crafted exterior wall product consisting of a diverse line of patented concrete tiles and moldings suitable for all types of new and retrofit construction. This line of stunning concrete products ranges from the Ultra Modern, to the traditional classic designs at a very reasonable cost.

All tiles and moldings have imbedded metal fasteners that allows this product to be screwed onto the exterior. The joints are filled with urethane caulking which is then coated with silica sand to give the joints a realistic mortar appearance. This joint material will remain flexible.


Stonetile faced the challenge of needing an online store with a contemporary design.

The goal was to ensure a fast loading speed, even with a diverse and extensive product range.


Switched to Magento

Developed a modern and concise design for Stonetile’s online store.

Implemented optimizations to guarantee swift loading times, accommodating the sizable product catalog.

Final Result

Successfully delivered an online store for Stone Tile that combines a sleek design with rapid loading capabilities, catering to a broad range of products.