MageMontreal Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The SLA (Service Level Agreement) sets expectations for support contracts and retainers.    Response time: We aim to reply to your requests within 24 business hours. The work production schedule is then discussed with you and your work is scheduled on the next available production date. If any employee fails to respond within the specified time frame, please report it to the employee’s manager. We will address the issue and provide a replacement if needed. Priority is given to clients on yearly retainer.   Guarantee of availability: Availability is guaranteed only for clients with signed support contracts and retainer that are up to date on their payments. Work will be put on hold in case of delayed payment.   RETAINERS:

  • Availability is guaranteed for the number of hours per month signed in the retainer agreement and pre-paid for. 
  • Unused hours do not carry over, nor accumulate. Our retainer system operates on a “use it or lose it” basis, ensuring the availability of our developer for your needs. This can be likened to reserving a hotel room for a specific date or rental period.

To safeguard the time you have purchased, if we do not receive any requests from you, we will proactively reach out to inform you. During this time, we will conduct thorough analyses and suggest enhancements to your website that we believe can improve its web presence, design, content, usability, and more. Before implementing any of these recommendations, we will always seek your approval.     TIMEBANKS: A prepaid timebank gives access to our team. Nevertheless, the timebank does not give the benefits of guaranteed availability as the yearly retainer agreement does. Unlike retainers, timebank hours do not expire but do not guarantee availability.   NO RETAINER & NO TIMEBANK : Work will only start after signature of a contract and pre-payment of the work. No exception will be made.   PAYMENTS: All work needs to be pre-paid for it to be scheduled on the production calendar. EMERGENCIES: 

  • Definition: Any ticket defined by the client’s words as an emergency or by MageMontreal as a universal emergency is subject to the conditions in this clause. 

We will do our best to start working on your emergency request within 2 hours of receiving it. It is the client’s responsibility to call our office within the first 20 minutes to verify we have received the emergency request in order for the emergency SLA to be applicable. Emergencies are handled on business days only. If you would like after-hour support, please refer to the appropriate clause in this SLA.

  • Emergency billable process: Once a ticket is set to emergency, it is billed and treated as premium support with the 50% extra fees to the hourly rate and a minimum billable intervention of 1 hour.
  • Exceptions: Certain timely emergencies are exempt from the premium fee:
    • Website is down
    • Server is down
    • Users cannot complete a purchase

Any design or feature issue that is not directly causing the above 3 points is not considered a Universal Emergency.

  • Tickets set as an emergency provide MageMontreal with a pre-approval of 8 billable hours.

  HOLIDAY AND VACATION: Service speed can vary and be slower during employees’ holidays and national holidays. Christmas and New year’s period, and summer holidays are examples of slower service times. We invite you to confirm with your account manager how your SLA service speed might get affected during those times.   AFTER-HOUR WORK: The developer’s office is closed on weekends, nights, holidays, and evenings by default. However, if there is a specific request to be available “on call” during those times, an additional fee will apply for being available on those specific dates. Any work past 5pm EST can also be scheduled with a 50% premium fee on the hourly rate, conditional to developer’s availability and acceptation.   Project after-launch support: We are here to help and support your business after your website launch. All maintenance work and support time after the launch date is billable work time and require a support or yearly retainer contract.