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MageMontreal donates 10,000$ to Portage

The social causes we care about.

In addition to building their beautiful new website www.portage.ca, MageMontreal is very happy to announce a donation of $10,000 to support the non-profit organization Portage.

We believe their social mission to be very important and of great benefit to society.

Each year Portage helps thousands of men, women and teens find hope again for a better life.

The testimonials of the people who received help from Portage are absolutely mind blowing (see the videos on their website):

MageMontreal donates 10,000$ to Portage

From the mother stuck in drug addiction who finally becomes functional again, sees her kids and husband and is able to support her family again by freeing herself of drug addiction…

To the homeless drug addict who, with the help of Portage, frees himself of drugs, re-integrates into society, gets an apartment (so he will not have to spend winter outdoors in -35° Celsius!) and even a job, to become a fully functioning member of society once more.

We are proud to work with and support Portage.

We also invite others to donate to their great cause:

Make a Donation to Portage

-The MageMontreal Employees

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