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Why Choose Magento?

Magento is open-source, which means it is free to download and install!

You can tweak the source code any way you want to suit the type of website you are building, and you can install extensions that are easily available through the Magento Connect Marketplace. Magento Connect also happens to be the world’s largest e-commerce app marketplace.

Magento is not tailored to your needs — it’s a system that you can tailor to make it perfect for you. It has a great array of functions, which is vital in today’s e-commerce environment.

It is also an extremely flexible framework in which you can do basically anything to get the maximum out of your online store. This is the very reason it is worth a try.

Magento best suits merchants who have a clear objective and know precisely what and how they want to sell. For example, these merchants already have brick and mortar stores, and have a lot of experience in selling, not like the novices that are just starting out and are not even sure they will have customers at all.

Magento Version And Security Updates

6 Big Reasons

why Magento is the winner

The Possibilities are Endless.

It is no surprise that Magento is so popular: It is the most widely used e-commerce platform (according to 2015 statistics) in the world with a nearly 30% market share. Serving such a big chunk of the market successfully would be impossible without a massive amount of flexibility.

You can define basically any product feature you like. You can set and manage the attributes without compromise in the admin panel. Basically, you can adjust the entire system to your products.

Impressive, Responsive design.

Since 2014, more and more people having been accessing the Internet on their tablets and smartphones, and an increasing proportion of purchases have been made on mobile devices. An online store can compete successfully in such an environment if it has a responsive layout, which means that it offers shoppers an interface which is easy to handle on all platforms and across different devices.

Needless to say, you can tailor the look of your Magento store according to your expectations. However, because of Magento’s complexity, an expert is necessary to ensure your website fits you.

Built For SEO.

Magento features a range of default options to create an SEO-friendly website. Magento saves you the development trouble of creating SEO-optimized URLs, meta tags, descriptions, URL rewrites, site maps, navigation and category structures and more.

Its source code comes with all of these features built right in, saving you a lot of trouble and time, while still ensuring that your site is search friendly.

Magento is secure.

Security is not an option.

It is a must in an environment where hackers try to crack databases every minute. We hear news almost every day about data breaches, so in the case of an e-commerce store it is essential to have a hack-proof system.

The whole system is constantly watched by experts (i.e., ethical hackers) searching for defects and eliminating vulnerability by uploading patches. But don’t worry; you don’t have to hunt down updates all the time. Magento always notifies you when an update is available so you will know about fresh developments right away.

Fully Customizable.

E-commerce businesses come in different shapes and sizes. What works for a fashion retailer may not work for a hardware and power tools seller.

Similarly, the size and scale of operations, customer service requirements, etc., pose different challenges in the e-commerce environment.

Being an open source platform, Magento is expected to be inherently highly customizable and modular. However, with the right coding smarts, Magento becomes like putty in your hands.

Fast. Like, Fast & Furious Fast.

47% of today’s web users expect a site to load in under two seconds. Any longer than that and they simply close the tab and move on with their lives. Every customer that leaves without buying leaves behind yet another dent in your overall conversion rate.

With such pressure on performance, you want a platform that loads fast. Magento meets the requirement above and more. It allows you to cache your pages easily, retrieve data from gigantic databases in milliseconds, process queries in no time and load pages fast enough to please your time-strapped customers.

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