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Crystal Clear Bags

Crystal Clear Bags Canada Inc. has been supplying Artistic Packaging to our customers since March of 1999. Their focus has always been directed towards eliminating the time and costs associated with the shrink-wrapping of art prints and striving to provide the best quality and value for artistic packaging and accessories. Over the years, their client base has grown and their products are now being utilized by all kinds of industries, who value their exceptional quality and service.

The Problem

  • Lack of process automation: Manual steps for order fulfillment & the old website was not connected to the ERP software to synchronize the new inventory, resulting in lots of manual labor.
  • The old website offered a limited mobile experience, resulting in a limited number of purchases on mobile.
  • The old website had challenges for the ease of navigation due to the number of product variants.

The Solution

  • A business analysis of the current order fulfillment process: Reinventing alongside the client the order fulfillment process & implementing the automation of several manual administrative tasks.
  • Designing a new mobile user experience.
  • Re-categorizing and re-structuring the SKUS for easier navigation.

The Final Result

  • A reinvented order fulfillment process:

Each order now individually requires 3 minutes less to be processed.

Resulting in 3 hours of labor time saved per day, per employee.

3h per day x 5 employees = 15 hours of manual administrative labor saved each day for order processing!

  • A vastly improved navigation and user experience–with measurable results in customer behavior.
  • A re-invented mobile eCommerce experience.
Mobile improvements for Crystal Clear Bags
Mobile improvements for Crystal Clear Bags


Mobile improvements

-98.88% Bounce rate reduction
+242.52% Number of pages visited per session
+43.72% Longer sessions
+276.92% Pageviews
+75.95% Unique Pageviews

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